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L to R, Front row: Judi, Nancy, Suzanne, Miki, Sherri. Back row: Jane, Teena, Alicia, Cindy, Sofia, Geri, Penny. Missing from photo: Lynne.

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Teena Jennings

Wrapped in Charmeuse #1, 2014, 21" x 71"
two color shibori with beading on silk charmeuse

Wrapped in Charmeuse #1 - detail

Wrapped in Charmeuse #2, 2014, 21" x 71"
single color shibori and silkscreening with beading on silk charmeuse

Wrapped in Charmeuse #2 - detail

Artist Statement
Recently arriving at the doorstep of the surface design studio, having been a spinner and a weaver for over thirty years, my mind is whirling with the creative opportunities.  That being said, there is a part of me that is loath to totally forgo the woven structure that I learned to use as my parameter.  Today, I am happiest working with another form of structure, the kind that is inherent in shibori.  Shibori offers two potentials to the textile artist – vivid color opportunities as well as the play of deliberate manipulation.  On top of that, surprises are inevitable due to folding and color effects that are unexpected.  It is the perfect scenario.

Teena Jennings, a spinner and weaver for thirty years, has always been interested in the structural aspects of cloth.  As a participant in the Art Cloth Mastery Program with Jane Dunnewold, Jennings now fully appreciates the potential of surface design processes to exploit the surface of the cloth. This knowledge has allowed her to bring the design process of textiles full circle. Working with dyestuffs has been particularly relevant, as it dovetails with her professional life as a faculty member at The University of Akron, in AkronOhio, where Jennings teaches textile science courses, fiber arts, textile history and museology/conservation courses.

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