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Lynne Brotman

Urban Landscape, 2014, 21" x 26"
 silk, ​​deconstructed screen printing with dye​ and paper​

Urban Landscape detail

Suburban, 2014, 21" x 26"
silk, deconstructed screen printing with dye​  and paper​

 Suburban - detail

Rural, 2014, 21" x 26"
silk, deconstructed screen printing with dye and paper

Rural - detail

Artist Statement
Symbology is the study of past and present symbols that have become engrained in our being.  Symbols signify our existence and our connections with the external world; illustrating feelings such as "I have been here," " I believe this," and "I am like others”. They are markers on the road map of my work, both in their presentation and in their interpretation by the viewer. Symbols determine the colors and mediums incorporated into each piece.  Building layers of color through processes including dyeing, fiber manipulation, printing, and mark-making; I embrace a journey replete with personal symbolism.  My vision is to give voice to stories and experiences through the tactile medium of fiber.

Lynne Brotman is a fiber/mixed media artist based in Austin, Texas. Her work has been juried into several exhibitions including, The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles High Fiber (2012) and Fiber Art at Poudre Studio and Gallery (2013). Among other projects, she is currently working on a solo exhibition for Tokyo Electron's U.S. headquarters after her completion of an artist residency in Japan. Her work utilizes cross-cultural symbolism, especially pertaining to color and texture and its effect on our beliefs and actions. 

Ms. Brotman previously completed a two-year Art Cloth Mastery program with Jane Dunnewold in San Antonio and has gone on to study with master Shibori artist, Bryan Whitehead.  She is also a member of the Surface Design Association and Fiber Arts/Mixed Media (FAMM) community.  She is active in raising awareness for fiber art, both nationally and locally.

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