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Geri Beam

Dandelion Life-cycle, 2014, 37.5" x 40"
silk broadcloth, organza, cheese cloth, rayon and poly thread, Misty Fuse, Pearl Ex powder

Dandelion Life-cycle  (detail of puff and seeds)

Dandelion Life-cycle  (detail of flowers and root)

Dragonfly Life-cycle , 2014,  37.5" x 41"
silk broadcloth, organza, cheese cloth, puffy paint, rayon and poly thread, glass beads

Dragonfly Life-cycle (detail of eggs)

Dragonfly Life-cycle (detail of adult mating)

Artist Statement
I am compelled to create. If a day goes by without creative release, dark, mental clouds gather! Making art clears the air, brings light, and relieves the stress of everyday life. My goal is to express my deepest feelings and to help others to do the same. There is nothing so sweet as to see someone experience an ah-ha moment. An inner voice guides me. I work quickly and intuitively - letting myself get lost in the moment of creation. My preferred materials are luxurious natural fibers that feel good to touch. Tactile textures and rich color add the complexity I seek, yet simple lines, capable of expressing movement or feeling, are what I value most. I use sparkle and shine to generate realism; but sparingly! I am currently honing my craft and clarifying my artist's voice. Expanding the tools in my creative tackle box avoids boredom and lassitude. Incorporating computer technology and software programs balances any weakness in manual processes. I continue to create classes and lectures to teach others how to tap their creative voice. I hope to inspire and influence the lives of others through my art, and through sharing the gifts I have been given. 

Geri Beam's love of art was first expressed through participation in high school performing arts programs. Active in Community Theater for twenty years, her commitment led to membership in the Actors’ Equity Association in 2002. Concurrently, Beam explored oil paints, ceramics and fused glass, but found her focus in 2009, after taking textile classes with Laura Wasilowski and Jane Dunnewold. Beam joined the Surface Design Association in 2011 and her work was included in the SDA 2013 Member's Show. She chose to retire from her ‘day-job’ after twenty-six years of working in the Information Technology field. She is currently a member of several sewing and quilt guilds in California, and devotes her time to teaching and creating art. The Twelve Voices from One 2012 exhibition at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2014 is the culmination of Art Cloth Mastery Program.

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