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L to R, Front row: Judi, Nancy, Suzanne, Miki, Sherri. Back row: Jane, Teena, Alicia, Cindy, Sofia, Geri, Penny. Missing from photo: Lynne.

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Judi MacLeod

Ghost Pods, 2013, 32” x  47”
dyed cotton, discharged silk screened images, painted images with fabric paint, machine stitching

Poppy Pods, 2013, 36"  x 40" 
dyed cotton, discharged silk screened images, printed silk images, machine stitching

Poppy, Papaver,What’s in a Name, 2014, 45” x 37"
dyed cotton, words silkscreened with fabric paint, printed images on silk, machine stitching

Blue Poppy, 2013, 40” x 25.5”
image printed on Cotton at 50% intensity, Silk organza overlay painted with fabric paints, machine stitching

Papaver, 2013, 47.5”  x 31”
dyed cotton, words  and background images silk screened with fabric paint, silk screened fabric paint  images on disperse dyed fabric, machine stitching

White Lady, 2014, 50" x 42" 
 manipulated & fused cotton, embroidered stitches , trapunto onto linen damask

Artist Statement
My tremendous curiosity about the world around me has led me to explore and develop ways of expressing my ideas in fibre. I am energized by vibrant colours and textures which are evident in my many hangings, wearable art clothes and accessories. Each piece is unique and original, mostly influenced by nature and my travels.  These fibre art works may be made from constructed fabric, hand dyed and painted fabric, handmade paper, silkpaper, leather and metal.

 The design principles from previous studies in fine art and graphic design have influenced my compositions. The artistic process propels me into action leaving little time for analysis or reflection in the moment. The blank “canvas” doesn’t intimidate me as it allows me permission to experiment. There is always an opportunity to take the design into another direction if it doesn’t turn out as planned thus allowing the creative process to flourish. Maintaining a philosophy of “my cup is always half full” has allowed me to experience wonderful opportunities.

I am inspired in the classroom by learning new and unique techniques in a group setting. This energy sustains me in the more individual pursuit of my creative designs within my studio. Client and studio visitor response to my creations feeds my soul.

"Rest not! Life is sweeping by; go dare before you die. / Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Judi MacLeod is a full time fibre artist from Western Canada who has spent most of her life working with fibre. She was first exposed to experimental fibre work by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn from England which changed the entire focus of her work. MacLeod has been juried into many Fine Art Shows locally and nationally. She is a member of Fibre Arts Network (FAN), a Western Canada fibre group and participates in their shows nationally and internationally. She is also a member of the Studio Art Quilt Assoc., and the Surface Design Assoc., both international fibre groups. MacLeod has just completed the Art Cloth Mastery Program with Jane Dunnewold in San Antonio, Texas.

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