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L to R, Front row: Judi, Nancy, Suzanne, Miki, Sherri. Back row: Jane, Teena, Alicia, Cindy, Sofia, Geri, Penny. Missing from photo: Lynne.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pictorial Tour from IQA Show in Houston, October 2014

Pictorial Tour from IQA Show in Houston, October 2014.

A very belated posting of our class special exhibit at the International Quilt Association Show in October 2014, “Twelve Voices From One”. This exhibit is traveling to Portland, Oregon, and will be hanging at the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! Show in August 2015.

Artwork by: Miki, Teena

Artwork by: Teena

Artwork by: Cindy, Teena, Geri
Artwork by: Cindy
Artwork by: Sofia
Artwork by: Alicia, Suzanne, Geri

Artwork by: Alicia
Artwork by: Suzanne

Artwork by: Geri

Artwork by: Jane, Judi, Jane
Artwork by: Judi
Artwork by: Penny

Artwork by: Lynne

Artwork by: Sherri, Suzanne

Artwork by: Penny

Artwork by: Sherri, Miki, Judi
Artwork by: Miki

Artwork by: Sherri
Class Quilt for Jane.
Alicia, Miki, Jane, Cindy, Penny

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