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Cindy Stentz

alchemy: the ancestors breath2012, 35" x 20"
silk noil, hand dyed,discharged, printed with thickened dye and textile paint, hand and machine stitched

 alchemy: the ancestors breath - detail

 alchemy: rebirth2013, 21 x 23
silk noil, hand dyed, printed with thickened dye and textile paint, hand and machine stitched

 alchemy: rebirth - detail

alchemy: lunar water2014, 27" x 38"
silk noil, silk organza, dyed, discharged, printed with thickened dye, beaded, hand and machine stitched

alchemy: lunar water - detail

Artist Statement
"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering."
                                                                                                     Ben Okri

I am a mixed media textile artist.  Creative expression has led me throughout my life.  Being often alone as a child elicited an active imagination leading me into the natural world around me as well as the inner landscape of the dream and spirit.  My inspiration is born from my love of the inherent mystery coursing through both of these landscapes, and the way each intersects in the psychology of our humanness.

My engagement with textiles is therapeutic for me.   The current forms I use began many years ago as an attempt to "piece" together and visually manifest my experience in life.  I have studied the work of Carl Jung for forty years and have been deeply moved and informed by his exploration of psychological alchemy.  My current work is an attempt to express how these transformational images live in me.  I experience an ancestral link to this ancient idea of making Life and Beauty from the basic material of our humanness.  I see these explorations in textile art as process and a significant engagement with my own prima materia.  I work with dreams, words, fabric, dye, paint and stitch as my daily practice.

Cynthia Stentz is a mixed media textile artist.  Her work has been included in juried exhibitions; including The Pacific Northwest Quilt Show (1999), the biennial fibre art show at the American Art Company in Tacoma, Washington (2011 and 2014), The Surface Design Association member show "Dancing Surfaces" (2013), and won third prize in the category "Master's: Surface Design" in the LaConner, Washington International Quilt Fest (2013).  Stentz has completed a two and one half year Mastery program with Jane Dunnewald in San Antonio, Texas and has studied with many excellent teachers, including Elin Noble, Ann Johnston and Carol Soderland.

She is also included in the Twelve Voices from One Exhibition at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, curated by Jane Dunnewold.

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