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Nancy Tilson-Mallett

Artist Statement
Right brain/left brain. Whole brain processing is my intention, of simultaneously using logical thought with creative imagery, focusing in and out of these two realms, with the final integration of the two. During my medical school training, I was intrigued by the patterns and colors seen with the power of the magical microscope.  I also developed a meditative practice and during these contemplative sessions, I often saw vivid, flowing colors and geometric patterns.  I tried to reproduce these images in various paint mediums and finally discovered silk painting. Silk painting expressed the complexity of the meditative images and the vividness of color of the microscopic images.  Since then, I have designed scarves and wall hangings of medical/biological images on silk.

I love nature, animals, and travel.  Painting en pleine aire fulfills this pleasure of being present in nature, hearing the birds, smelling the pine and sage, feeling a cool breeze, the warmth of the sun, leaving indelible memories while finishing a painting in my studio. I started with pastels so that I could pick up and leave the mess at anytime, which suited my hectic life style of being a physician, mother, and wife. Now, in my next stage of life, I have time to enjoy oil painting and its messy clean up.  I strive for a painterly, simple style. An art instructor best described my work as “sophisticated simplicity.”

 Nancy’s artwork can be reviewed on her website, She can be reached at

Nancy Tilson-Mallett is a physician and an artist, working daily at fulfilling her life goal of mastering “the healing arts.” She expresses her creativity with silk painting and textile designs. She primarily uses biological or medical images as her source of inspiration.   She also enjoys en pleine aire painting with pastels or oil.

She has taken art courses at Washburn University, Bemis Art School in Colorado Springs, and at Kansas City Art institute.  She has also taken a variety of workshops with well-known art instructors across the country.  She has studied with Jane Dunnewold and  earned a certification in the Art Cloth Mastery Program.

Nancy has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in a variety of locations, including hospitals and medical centers, churches, art guilds, and public places.  She has sold her work throughout the United States and England. She also conducts workshops on “Visualize Healing” which guides attendants to develop images to help with their healing or spiritual journey.

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