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Miki Rodriguez

Hacker's Garden2013, 42"x 26"
mixed Fiber Media-dyed cotton and silk, felt, found and commercial fabrics, embroidery threads, fabric paints, color pencils, stamping, hand stitching/embroidery, machine and free motion stitching, fusing, appliqué and reverse appliqué

Hacker's Gardendetail

Dentro Del Blogspot22"x 36", 2013
Mixed Fiber Media-dyed and painted cotton, found and commercial fabrics, found objects, embroidery threads, hand stitching/embroidery, machine and free motion stitching, stamping, fusing, appliqué

Dentro Del Blogspotdetail

Chisme Chat Room, 2013, 64"x 37", 2013
mixed Fiber Media-dyed and painted cotton, found and commercial fabrics, found objects, embroidery threads, fabric paints, plastic mesh, appliqué and reverse appliqué, commercial felt, embroidery, machine and free motion stitching

Chisme Chat Room, detail 

Artist Statement
A cultural symbol, the color of the earth and the intensity of heat in South Texas are each an embodiment of a borderland experience, my home. The contrast, however, is the technical world we live in today. I process information through my personal filter, in spite of its transition through a computer, cell phone, TV, or IPod.  These are the parts that make up the language I call my work.

This work has developed into marks that experiment with social connections, my culture, and personal symbols that reflect my present life. The mark making is a constant chatter within and on the surface, one mark informs the next, one spark becomes a network.

This conversation supports technology and my cultural experiences through the voice of materials and techniques such as cotton, silk, painted newspaper, wire mesh and found objects, stitching, fusing, gluing and embroidery.

My personal collection of experiences become integrated with one another, then synthesized. The product becomes an expression that I savor and the imagery you experience in your own way as the viewer.

Miki Rodriguez was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. She began her education in drawing and painting at the University of Houston where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She went on to receive a fellowship and entered Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated in 2001 with an MFA.

She has taught art for over 30 years at all levels including elementary, middle school, high school and higher education and is presently living in San Antonio, Texas where she now has evolved into a full time professional exhibiting artist. Her choice medium is mixed media with an emphasis on fiber.

Recent fiber exhibitions include the Fantastic Fibers 2013 at the Yeiser Center in Paducah, Kentucky where Rodriguez received a first place recognition, which resulted in publication of her work in Fiber Art Now.

 In 2013 she also exhibited at the Surface Design Association Member Show during the Conference, and in Threads at the Tubac Center. Most recently she was invited to exhibit at College of the Ozarks in April 2014.       

See Miki's website for additional information:

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